Monday, February 23, 2009


Thanks to my mother in law putting the idea of lysol in my mind, i have been lysoling (word?) The fever is still here in Brooke and it is ridiculous! We are so ready to be back to life and this pesky fever will not go away. I lysoled beds, anything hard, couches, everything! Toilets and showers and anything we own. LOL I am guessing the virus is just incubating in our house and is thriving in here since Brooke is still sick and i am a little. I am still waking with a fever. Once it breaks, its gone. I am turning the heat way down so it gets chilly in here. Today is a week and i am so ready for things to be normal again. To get up and feel like cleaning and doing things. Instead of doing something, then needing to rest, and so on. Please Lysol, kill the flu and get it out of here :o)