Friday, August 7, 2009

Its official....

My little man headed off to school this morning. Yesterday he met his teacher. She seems really nice. His classroom had a great set up. He loved it there. We stayed awhile so he could play with some of the toys. He got upset when it was time to go. He was hoping to stay. So he was ready to go back this morning. Drop off went well. I had him lead us to the classroom since he will be on his own to find his way to the class after i drop him off. there are lots of turns and hallways, but he did pretty good. When getting to class he sat in his seat and got to color. He said bye to us. He was fine...which i figured. Brooke was a little upset about leaving him. She saw he was getting to color and she too wanted too. So she came home and painted 2 pictures of bunnies and 3 pictures of flowers. So, its official....Ethan is a kindergartener! Now i had hoped for a nice quite day, but i forgot Brooke was here. She is the noise maker! Atleast i shouldn't have to hear fighting until after 3:00.

Off to do house chores. Blah!