Tuesday, August 4, 2009

May the Force be with you!

So, Ethan is 5! YAY! it like a little milestone. He's 5! This year we skipped the party. Ethan was ok with it. We went to spend a day at Funopolis! Go Karts, bumper boats, arcade, putt putt! Duh...that is so much more fun then a birthday party. We thought about letting him invite a friend to go, but with Brooke it might have been a little much. There wasn't a whole lot there for her to do. She enjoyed the bowling though. Grammy was able to make it up. Which worked out really good, 3 adults and 2 kids. I feel like we were prepared to take on the place. So after a few hours of fun there we headed through the Mcdonalds drive thru for some dinner. We then headed home to eat and then present time!!! We kinda got a theme this year...star wars! Then Ethan got his first legos! And he loved them. So send all the legos this way....ok. :o) We got him the Star wars wii game and light sabers. then a small jeep lego. Grammy got him MEGATRON! (transformer) and a puzzle. Nana and Papa got him the Ice Age Wii game. Uncle Tom and Aunt Jess got him a green lego car. Ethan is a happy camper right about now. So now... we are on the count down to Kindergarden! Woooo hooo! I can't wait. He can't wait.


Anonymous said...

My little boy turns 4 next week! I get so excited for their birthdays - it's almost better than having one yourself!