Friday, August 14, 2009

The School Agenda

I have been meaning to write this blog all week, but i have been cleaning out like crazy. Anyway, Ethan has a school agenda book he brings home everyday. Inside she tells how is has done that day with a smiley face or a letter. Letters are bad. There will be a picture below of the letter scale. I am happy i took this picture on tuesday...he has had letters everyday but monday. Tuesday he had a smiley but it got crossed out. Yesterday he had been acting up so bad the teacher brought him out to the car. I guess i have a little trouble maker this year. Of coarse...that also means he hasn't had any video games this week.
After seeing the letter scale i highly doubt Ethan will get smiley faces everyday. I would like it, but kindergarten has changed. The teacher had a meeting last night with the parents. They have worked this week on getting behavior in order. Ethan will be reading by christmas! She said the only playtime is recess!!! So, while this is an adjustment and is probably a reason ethan has been getting in trouble. But, its still not an excuse...especially when she said Ethan is getting 3 warnings before he gets his letter. I think he is testing the waters to see what he can get away with. Other then the agenda with the letters, in class they are getting rewarded for good behavior too. They get a check chart then keep at there seat. The teacher will come around and when she see you doing what your suppose to, you get a check mark. There are 4 rows of 5 squares. Luckily Ethan has 2 and a half rows filled up. So he is being good too. Once they fill up a row they get a piece of candy.

School is going well though. He is learning so much and having fun. He loves getting to go to PE, computer lab and all those places. He thinks he is hot stuff getting to walk through the school by himself and the bathroom. At lunch he said he has milk choices this year, white, chocolate, and strawberry.

So, he's surviving.

This is the letter chart.
We have been getting T's because he is learning personal boundaries. However, yesterday he thought it would be more fun to throw his pencils and make them fly. LOL. I know its not funny, but i can just see Ethan sitting there making his pencils fly.
Then H. He has been screaming for fun in the bathrooms. He likes the way it echos he says.
But, as you can see, Ethan would have to be an absolute perfect angel to NOT get a letter. They are pretty strict.

Have a great weekend!