Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There he is, my handsome soccer man. Monday night was the first soccer practice. the only pictures i got are these of him on his break taking a drink.

Note to self: buy chairs to sit in during practice. And...bring the real camera! The kids are so far away even with the zoom on my camera phone. Not getting anything but what looks like little ants dressed up in clothes.

So he loved it. Hoping he continues to love it. Brooke loved the dirt! Of coarse. it had been her favroite part of tball. I was glad to have a friend there whose little girl is playing too. watching kids run around with a ball is just as boring as sitting there watching kids hit a ball with a bat. I am not a sports mama. But thats ok. Brooke says she wants to play soccer too. too bad she has to wait to be 5. I think she'd have fun out there too.
So, we will see how soccer goes. Maybe he has found his sport or maybe not. The kids on his t-ball team from spring are all playing flag football. Ethan first didn't want to play football but now that his tball team is on there he does. We told him next year. one sport at a time. the crazy kid who is so short for his age wants to do basketball during that season. If its offered for his age, we will let him. atleast thats inside! No cold or heat! He is back to wanting to do tball again. After tball he was not wanting to do it again. But, i guess his friends at school talked him into it. And the peer pressure begins...and mommy and daddys checking account gets lowers. LOL

the clothed ants, he is the one in the gray shirt going with the ball through the cones.

Hanging on the sidelines :o)