Monday, April 6, 2009

Life with 1 kid

Today might be a double post day so i can write and post pics for Ethan's t-ball game saturday.

Since around 5:30 saturday we have only had Ethan. Brooke went home with her Grammy and Nanni to spend a few days with them. It has given us a chance to have some nice to with just Ethan. So, yesterday Ethan and I decided would be the best day to go to Funopolis after looking at the weather. He had a blast! We played putt putt, rode go karts, did arcade games and then at the end we rode the bumper boats! We avoided getting drenched since we were going to walmart after. Then at walmart Ethan got a new toy and we got Brooke a bathing suit since we will be headed to Charleston in a few weeks and seeing the beach! It was a lot of fun having some time though with just Ethan. Its not over yet. We head down to Augusta on Tuesday to get her and will come home wednesday. It has been fun having Ethan, but i am defiantly thankful for having at least 2 kids! Before having Brooke Ethan would play by himself like Brooke does now while Ethan is at school. After having Brooke he kinda migrated to wherever me and baby were. He got out of the habit to just go to his room and play. So, with Brooke gone and she is his play buddy, its all mommy. Mommy play cars, Mommy play basketball, and so on. Its like, ok Brooke come home and play with Ethan.

I did make the joke yesterday morning to Alex at around 10 if he could notice a difference in out sunday morning from others. He said what. There were no toys out. Ethan has never really dragged stuff out. Brooke, loves it. That is why i finally gave up my fight to a clean house 24/7. I would clean and do nothing else with her. I guess she just loves to keep mama busy.

So, its been fun spending some days with Ethan. And he has defiantly loved all the attention on him. We go to bed late and sleep in. that is really nice. But, it is far to quite here. No one talking and talking b/c Brooke talks constantly. Even in her sleep. And i think Alex purposely made a mess before work so i would have something to clean. So, we will be happy to see our Brooklynn tomorrow.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you had a fun day out at Funopolis! Sounds like we need one of those around here!

I bet you miss your baby girl like Ethan misses his little sister!

Enjoy tomorrow's sleeping in... :)

Emily said...

Haha...Carly also talks non-stop!