Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break is over/ new family member

Today spring break ended for Ethan and he headed back to school. We had a great week, even though we didn't get to some of the things we planned on doing. Playdates and so on. We didn't even have 1! We had a day or 2 to relax but mostly just had a blast with family. Brooke spent her few days down at her grammy's by herself. She did great. She had a blast and they had a blast with her too. Friday we had some pretty nasty storms. After it settled down Aunt KK came. the kids were surprised and really excited. Karen stayed until Easter morning. After she left we went to my parents for the day on Easter. The kids had lots of fun. Monday was Ethan's last day home and since it rained the kids just played all day while i did some cleaning. I am now looking forward to summer when we get to sleep in again! It was so nice getting up at roughly 8. Instead of 6:30!

Here is Ethan and Brooke's newest cousin! I was amazed at a 12 wk ultrasound! Brooke's 1st was at 8 weeks and she litterally looked like a bean! I couldn't believe there little cousin already has little arms and legs! Brooke loves looking at the U/S pics and saying "Baby!!!" We look forward to meeting the newest baby in October! Both kids say that it is a boy. Ethan wants it to be a boy. He says girls cry to much.

Have a happy week!