Friday, April 17, 2009

Parenting just got harder

Ethan is almost 5 and is getting to understand his actions better. Yesterday he decided to draw on my carpet while i cooked dinner with a black crayon. What made it worse was that the crayons has been sitting in front of the window all day and had melted some from the sun and were defiently ready to write all over my carpet and stain!  Ethan knows better. He is old enough to know while he was doing it that is was wrong.  So, to me this was something he didn't just need time out for and to say sorry for. He is getting to the age where he needs to learn he gets real consequences to his actions. That is just life. If i get pulled over for speeding is the police officer going to tell me as long as i say i am sorry i can go on. Um, NO! He is going to give me a darn ticket!  So, today Ethan was not aloud to watch TV. Only for the day, he is too young still to know past today.  He was defiently upset about it today. He kept asking to watch and i explained each time that he lost TV for coloring all over mommys carpet. By this evening, he understood. 

This is when parenting gets so tough. It means Ethan is growing up. We are teaching him lessons for life. I wish i could just tell the cop sorry who wrote me a ticket and then not have to pay for it, but unfourtanly that is not how things happen. Ethan survived today. He will get to watch TV tomorrow. While he cried about not getting to watch TV, I felt bad too. I hated having to take it away from him and then hearing how upset he was. But, i have to stick to it.

On another note, Ethan's writing is really improving. He is constantly writing. The driveway is full of letters right now. And my living room floor.  Here is where he wrote Ethan W is the best on my driveway. Yes, he is obsessed that when he writes his name is has to be Ethan W. His class there is another Ethan in there, so i think Ethan truly feels like his name is spelled with a w.

Happy weekend everyone!


Abby said...

Wow! What a tough lesson. You did what you needed to do though, I would have done the same thing. Don't they always do something crazy like that??? :)