Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BBall Video

Last night was E-Man's second baseball game! He did great last night. At his age, they play 3 innings. It went from 7-8:30! We were wipped out when getting home. E-man is lucky that he is a left and right handed batter. He bats much better left handed. He usually hits the second throw to him. This video is hitting right handed and he still did it! He was so proud of himself last night. I could tell he was proud of all the work he has been doing at home. Last year he really didn't enjoy t-ball too much. But this year he is having a blast!


Adrienne said...

woo hoo go E- you have a fa way down in TX ...I think you are better than my Astros buddy =) Happy Wednesday thanks for stopping by

Adrienne said...

OH I forgot am I following you on Twitter I am adrienne78 if not follow me so I can follow you back =)