Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break is OVER

  Its done and over with! Ethan was in the carpool lane and in the building all by 7:40! The house is quiet with Brooke watching blue clues. The washing machine is on (hey...gotta get it going early since the dryer is still broken!). Its a peace that i like. However, don't get me wrong, i loved having Ethan home for all those days. I loved not hearing that darn alarm clock buzz. Especially this morning when one of my kitties was snuggled so tightly next to me and i had already hit snooze 5 times....so i knew i had to get up.

So, what did we do. We had fun! I had planned on doing some school work over the week but then decided, nah! Lets just have some fun! So, Saturday we went to Alex's mom's house to visit. All the grandkids were there which made the house shrink fast and get loud fast. But it was a lot of fun. So, i am gonna lets the pictures share our story! Sit back and enjoy :o)

Four cousins! We can tell they are all related!

Brooklynn got her hands around Kainan and wasn't letting go!

Such a handsome boy!

Ethan and his gameboy

Ethan pushing Kainan around his house.

The beach...FINALLY

Brooke playing in the sand....Ethan taking off for the water that was really cold!

This girl loved her pringles!

And finally a little egg coloring and decorating.

Whew! It was an awesome week! We had a blast and we did so much more, but i just didn't get out the camera. Hope you enjoyed the pictures because we enjoyed every moment!