Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breath in and out and count to 10!

Today was a day to remind myself to breath in and out slowly. It was one of those days where to kids are going to push every button they can. Whew! And they were in bed at 6:45 tonight too! This Mama had had enough!

Tomorrow they are on restrictions. I think it will do them good. in the long run, they are upset that there will be no TV or video games tomorrow or until they prove they can function in society better. Heck...what am i getting myself into. The TV is the best babysitter, does this mean i have to entertain them? Darn! Then again, Ethan may have looked at me like he cared less since he goes to school. Its Brooke who is really in for it. Or maybe its me, b/c she is the whiner. Oh well, that's what those two bottles of wine are for, right? To help mommy take the edge off in the evenings.

Other then today, the weekend was well. The kids stayed with my parents friday night. So the hibs and I got some alone time. Much much needed time. We had a great saturday. We vegged around in the morning and then had a nice lunch together at sonic before getting the kids. After that, we went into a town near us, ate again, lol. I got my phones software updated and it works much better now.

Today was beautiful weather and would have been a great day to just play with the kids. Yet, they fought with each other and me all day. Probably coming off grandparent withdraws. Oh well!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!!