Monday, April 26, 2010

The weekend

So, i took last week off from blogging, my intention was to get more cleaning done. I did tackle the kitchen drawers and cabinets. And i filled 2 garbage bags! geez! I guess that is what happens when you take a year off. Last year i skipped the big clean. Yesterday we did a really good clutter clean since book club was  hosted at my house. So today...i could either tackle my room (Its a danger zone in there) or relax. Not sure yet...i am a little pooped from yesterday. 6 women and 10 kids! It was a blast though.

So, what have we been up to? Probably the same ol as always. E-man only had one game last week and he hit great again. He likes to switch the side he hits on each inning. So far he can hit right or left handed. So, that's good. I am going to look into tennis for him this summer. He is really intrested. Hopefully the county will offer a camp or the lessons won't be too expensive. I am thinking of putting Dumpling in something this summer. I know she feels left out. When she is 4 she will start dance. Its a Reeve girl tradition (and she is half Reeve). We start it and see how we like it. I did it until high school. I am thinking maybe this summer i might put her in gymnastics for a month to get her active in something. It might help her not be so clumsy.

Saturday was our kitty Valerie's one year birthday! We were crazy people and decided to have a small party. I will try to post some pics soon. We had cheesecake and the kitty loved it. The kids were so excited to celebrate. Now, many people will think we are nuts...but we never claimed to be normal.

Happy Monday!


Adrienne said...

This is funny you posted about the kitty birthday my son asked me Saturday if we could have a birthday party for Carly cat in july ...I said yes of course