Friday, April 9, 2010

Letters of Intent...Dear CATS


I am linking up again with Foursons for Letters of Intent. 

Dear Cats,
   Yes you furry little creatures that i usually love so much. However as grateful as i should be that you decided that i was worthy of that gift...i am finding it hard to be grateful. What gift you ask? A dead mouse in my bed!!! Yes that's right, you left a dead mouse in my bed for me. Can i just tell you that leaving it next to the bed or even by the back door would have been a better idea. Now i have to clean my sheets and lets not dryer is STILL BROKEN! now it will be those funky colored green sheets i got for sale on my bed. At least its just the hubs and i who see it. Anyway, this act has me rethinking the car door and especially has me rethinking letting you freely come in and out at night. Out of my wonderful 6 spayed and neutered cats, i have narrowed it down to 2 of you. Those 2 are Valerie and Callie. Please feel free to fess up.

Your loving Mommy Human,

P.S. Thanks however for giving me something to blog about :o)


Ashley T said...

ewwww! We have a cat too and I'm so glad there aren't any mice in our neighborhood. He does however like to play with Hayden's balloons and hates plastic bags.. I'll have to blog about that one.. its a great story.

Finally following you! and already hooked.

Stacy, with no E said...

Rusty has left me gifts like that too out of love. And because she knows that I love all animals and don't like to see them die, she didn't even kill her gift ... just crippled them and left them walkin around with blood dripping from their eyes. Oh the love of a cat ....

Rachel said...

Oy vey!


I'm not freaked out about mice like some people are, but dead animals are pretty icky, especially in your bed!


Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Blech!! But, then again, it could've been a snake or rat, or bird. Just sayin'.

Came via Foursons, and great to be here!

Have a great weekend!!

Aunt Crazy said...

I'm so glad my cat has never left me a gift like that. She's a big sissy hahaha!

Foursons said...

Yes, thank goodness for blog fodder! Hahahah

But oh my gosh, they could have given you plenty of good blog fodder by leaving the dead rodent on the floor next to your bed. Geesh.

Thanks for linking up, good luck catching the culprit.