Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh My Monday!

Its Monday again! That is defiently an Oh my moment! I didn't want to get out of bed!

So....the Oh My moments this weekend were......

  • the mouse saga continues.....the cat who left the dead mouse in bed was VALERIE! And saturday she brought a live mouse in the house and left it to run around and play and be found by my 5 year old son, who screamed and cried his head off when finding this live mouse running at him. Then mommy continued to see what was going on and screamed also jumping high in the air like a crazy person onto her sons bed. Yes...i reacted like the typical female. OH MY!!!!!!
  • This morning.....another dead mouse. That's right the count goes up of more mice. This one was left on my bedroom floor. And since i didn't get the dead mouse up the second i woke up, little miss Valerie has taken it under the bed. OH MY!!!!!!!
  • And finally, b/c life just seems to stay intresting, with my dryer being broken, everything has to go outside. After bathing saturday morning, i grabbed my clean towel that was line dried. Started to run my body and got stung on the boob by a WASP!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!
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Ashley T said...

So 2 more mice and a boob-loving wasp? Lol That's not cool. Hopefully next weekend is much better!

Beth said...

New follower. Found you through OH MY! I would have been on the bed screaming too! Hope all your OH MYs are over and done with now and you have a peaceful Monday!

Adrienne said...

Sorry about the mouse saga...Wow I can't believe you got stung on your tata by a wasp that is so terrible I am sorry =(
Thanks for playing along =)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I am terrified of wasps, bees, hornets... anything that stings! But being stung on the boob? That might be the worst stinging episode I've ever heard of!