Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I decided to start a blog so everyone can keep up with us! I can post pics since i am SOOOO bad at e-mailing them out. Sorry Nana and Papa Reeve....i always forget you don' t have a myspace. Once i get this all figured out i will post pictures!

Can't wait to see everyone saturday for Ethan's party. He is super excited and can not wait. This seems to be the first year he really gets it. He called his grammy tonight and told her to wrap his bike, put it in a box, and put a bow on it. Such a cutie he is!

Well, i am off to watch baby borrowers. I love this show.....if i had seen it 4 years ago i might however not have a 4 year old. those pre teen years scare me!!!!!

More later! off to e-mail this site to everyone!


Libby said...

I know....I love that show too! I am sad that it is almost over. I wish those kids had to have the toddlers/babies LONGER, not just 3 days!

Are you watching Big Brother....its kinda boring!
Lets meet up soon, I gotta see my Birthday buddy!! And of course Lil Miss Priss :) haha

ava1110 said...

I love it,especially the wolves
too cute