Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ants and Reward Charts

We had a good day today. Ethan is still super excited about his party saturday. He is wanting to make his cake. But i let him know we are waiting until saturday morning. He is super excited his KK is coming from the navy. And for his bike and monster truck toy!

We enjoyed popsicles after dinner. Something we do quite often. Poor Brooklynn got into a pile of ants and they crawled up her so fast. She of coarse had popsicle dripped all down her leg. I rushed her in and rinsed her off and then applied Benedryl cream. We went back outside to get Ethan and bring him in for the night. In that time the mosquitos got her. poor baby. So, i called the bluecross nurse line....20 minutes of her finally telling me to call the pediatrician. I knew by this time Brooklynn was fine and was not having a reaction.

They are both now nestled in bed. We are working on the reward chart with Ethan. He has been fighting going to bed. There have been a few nights it has taken 2 hours! The excuses they come up with. Then at night he is wanting to get up and sleep with us. Really trying to break this habit. So, once he does 5 nights in bed all by himself it will be movie and popcorn, and once he does 5 night of no fighting us to go to sleep he gets double the story night. So far 2 for now for not fighting and none for sleeping in his bed.

Off for the night! Need to get my sleep for tomorrow!