Sunday, November 9, 2008

Helen, GA

The kids and i had orgianally planned on going down to augusta this weekend to visit family. We have been trying to stick to a budget and the gas to fill me up was not in it. So, a friend of mine knew how down i was since Alex would be gone ALL weekend. She invited me up to her familys cabin in Helen Ga, and said she would dirve and it would cost me nothing. We jumped aboard on that! It was so much fun. My camera was dead, so she is going to get me the pics. Ethan and Brooke has a blast playing with there friends. It was nice too b/c it was all women, so we all dressed comfy, no make-up and enjoyed ourselves. We played scrabble until 1 in the morning. That was a lot of fun. I want to get better at it. We took the kids today to see live bears. That was amazing. The bears were so friendly. There were so many bears too. Ethan and brooke laughed and enjoyed it.

Ethan had a taste test party at school this past friday. Brooke and i went. We made jello for everyone. It gave me an opportunity to talk more with his teachers and get to know the "mean" teacher better. Of which, Ethan no longer thinks is mean. From talking to her, she loves what she is doing and so on. Both his teachers really seem happy with where they are right now. So, that is good.

Brooke is doing wonderful with her potty training. She used it all weekend out of town. She pooped in the potty for her first time tonight!! yay. that is the one we were having problems with. I normally would put a diaper on and tell her to do her business. tonoght she threw the diaper and said no. So, we sat on the potty and read and she pooped! She was so happy too.

We are doing good for the most part. Link entry below from all the fall/halloween stuff. Will gets picks up soon from the weekend :)