Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week has been pretty good. We have been spoiled by time with Alex. He had the weekend off. He then only worked Monday and was home Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we can all like being spoiled though by having him around.
I offically began christmas shopping today. I got Ethan a spiderman foam puzzle and Brooke some little princess dolls. I am going to stay on budget. $40 bucks a kid. Ethan wants Santa to get him a rocket. He wants the cheap foam ones. Then i want to get him the alligator game where you pull the teeth and wait for the tooth that makes the alligator chomp down. Brooklynn, no clue yet. Her birthday is the 12th of december. we are doing a mini party down in augusta at thanksgivning. Then on her birthday we are having a dinner. We are getting her a doll house. i found one for $30! Then i think my parents are coming up saturday to eat again and celebrate her birthday. After that i can figure her out for christmas.
Tomorrow night the kids are going to there Uncle Tom's and i am getting out of the house! I am going to see Twilgiht! I feel inlove with this series and everyone else i know who has read it, loves it. Alex is making fun of me b/c i will be in a theatre full of 12 year olds, but i don't care. I am super excited!
Hope your having a great week! I am hosting a small playgroup today with some kids from Ethan's class. I cleaned today...only to probably have it destroyed. LOL
have a great week and weekend!