Thursday, November 13, 2008

a little irritated

two posts on one day! Helen slide show below:

After Ethan got out of school i had a meeting with there speech therapist and early intervention specialist. I figured i was just going to discuss Ethan's speech, but they threw a bit of a curve ball at me. We all agreed that a little speech therapy would be good for him. It won't hurt, it can only help. Then they tried to tell me he was delayed in his motor skills. Ilaughed at them. They try to tell me that about my child who rolled over at a week! Was sitting by at 3 months unsupported and was walking at 8 months. Ha Ha Ha! They told me he was not able to hop on one foot. WTF! I called Ethan over and he did it for them. Kids aren't always going to do things for people they don't know. Ethan was probably thinking, who are these crazy ladies and why do they want me to hop on one foot. They then quickly showed me a picture he drew and took it away before i could see it and said they were concerned because he could not draw. He is 4 and anyone who knows Ethan knows he is too busy to worry about drawing. He really doesn't have an interest in it. Ethan is hands on and physical. Is every 4 year old suppose to be able to draw like every other 4 year old??

Maybe i am over reacting, but i am not going to be told he has any problems in that area. I agreed with speech and that was it. Everything else he scored above average.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. They want to reevaluate him after thanksgiving. And if they feel he needs speech then it will start i guess in january. They are a little slow in my opinon. Oh well, just needed to get some frustration out!


Abby said...

That stinks! I hope it goes better at the next meeting. The teachers definitely don't know the kiddos like parents do- but hopefully they'll give him credit for all he's capable of and not focus so much on the other. :(