Saturday, August 16, 2008

This week

This week has been a crazy week and i am so glad today is saturday and tomorrow starts a new week. I am exhausted. (random pics going to be placed throughout the entry for your enjoyment) I met with Ethan's principal on Friday to try and get things figured out. Ethan is just so unhappy at this school. I am going to start volunteering one day a week there. They want me to not walk him in and do car drop off to see if that will make a differance. Maybe he is pitching a fit b/c i am walking him in. I tried explaining that his fits are not just crying. They are full blown out tears and yelling "Mommy don't leave me here!" So we will see. If this does not help then the next step will have his class changed. Which they did not even give me as an option friday. I am trying to speak positivly about the school to him and about his teachers. Right now the only thing i can gather is that the "mean" teacher is not bonding with him maybe and she is just telling him what he needs to do. So we will see. Hoping that we are able to get to the bottom of this soon. Brooklynn is still potty training as you can see in the pic. She loves it! She always wants to wear her panties. I don't think she has yet to pee in the potty. It is still on herself but she knows that she does not like the feeling. She has atleast mastered the skill of putting on her panties and then taking them off. YAY! That is one of the first accomplishemnts!

I went to a friends babyshower today. i have not seen her since sophomore year when we moved from Athens. It was great to see her. She was one of my "BFFs". We used to cause some trouble. LOL! She lived close to me. She is having her first baby. A baby girl. And it was so nice to get to see her. She is currently living in Savannah but will be moving back to Athens in December. I can't wait. As long as we are living here i will get to see her more. Then the trouble can start again. Ha ha! That is one thing i have loved about living here in Homer. I am so close to the people i knew for 16 years. We moved to Buford when i was 16 and i never got along too well with many of the gwinnett folks! Completly different then my folks from Athens. That is Brooke playing with another friend i see a lot from Athens. that is baby Zoe. Brooke LOVES babys. I left Ethan with my friend Alicia's husband so he could watch Transformers with Zoe's big brother Dominic. Ethan of coarse had a blast! He said on the way there "I am staying with the boys mommy while you go with the girls to shower the little baby." Ha ha! He is so funny! I am lucky to have 2 great kids!


Connie said...

You have the right to visit your son's class as a bystander if it's a public school. If other parents are complaining, I'd do that right away. Sometimes a child's first days of school are tough but if there's an issue with a teacher that's not fair to him. I pray that there is a solution soon.

WolfeFamily said...

thank you for the comment. i am going in wednesday and can't wait