Friday, August 8, 2008

Ethan's 1st day

Today was Ethan's 1st day of Pre-K! He had a rough night last time...go figure. He had to get up early and did not sleep well. LOL. And he was not up for having his picture taken either. The full length picture if at home and the one of his face is from school. You can see he is a little nervous. When arriving to the school we took Ethan to the gym. We had thought we would take him to his class, but we did not. I guess this year the kids are going to go the the gym for now in the mornings and then at 7:45 go to the classroom. The parking lot is so small, we had to park in the road. And this year we can not drive up to pick them up, we have to come inside. Not sure where we will all park! But, Ethan did a great job. He was so brave. We took him over to his teacher and he sat down and hugged us. We then told him bye. No tears! What a brave boy. He looked uneasy. You could tell he was feeling a little unsure of what was going on. But, he defiently acted like a grown 4 year old! We were so proud of him. It was of coarse harder on us then it was on him. Alex looked so nervous to leave him. Wanted to keep watching him and checking on him. But, it is now noon, so Ethan is having lunch and then nap time. Brooke, Odie, and I will go pick him up at 2:20.
the morning has just been Brooke and I. She is the sweet girl we remember now. LOL. When Ethan did the morning preschool i never had problems with her until you get them both together. She played for awhile in her room while i did some cleaning around the house. We then showered and watched Seseame Street. We colored and had lunch. And now she is laying down for a nap. It was such a nice peaceful morning. There were no fights!
Odie and the cats are beginning to live in harmony. We actually went to bed last night with Odie on his bed and 4 cats in our room. Odie still loves to chase them, but he is starting to let them walk around the house without chasing them. However, if he sees them while outside, he will get them! And of coarse, what kinda of entry would this be without a new picture of Bobby and Pattycake, the very loving male cats :)


Abby said...

Hey girl!!! I had no idea you had a blog, too!!! Thanks for the comment- now I'll know I can keep up with you guys on here too! Take care. :)

Libby said...

ohhh. I lOVE thsi background- cute stuff
Let me tell you about Google reader...its awesome!!! If you havea gmail account, you have reader- its at the top when you sign into gmail, you can subscribe to blogs, sign into google reader, and all the blog you subscribe to are listed, and if they have been udated, you'll get a more going back and forth to sites! You can check everyones in seconds :) They will sugges blogs to you based on your subscriptions. Let me know if y aneed help- contact me through myspace :)
Also, let me know if there are any that you'd like me to suggest. I have gotten HOOKED on couponing on here thanks to these blogs, and I am saving TONS at CVS, Publix and walmart....there are blogs dedicated to coupons, where to find them, print them, and match them to stuff already on sale.