Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will try to get the pictures up today. All the family on my husbands side got together and we had a good time. We got to meet Kainan...FINALLY! He was a handsome little guy. He defiently keeps his mama on her toes! Brooke was so happy to finally meet him. Ethan's curiosity peaked a little too when seeing the baby. Ethan is in video game detox right now, lol. He defiently got his fill on video games while there and he was loving it.

Brooke had a small birthday party down there. She has the cutest little expressions she makes now. She gets all giggley and covers her mouth and does a little jump if she is standing. She is all girl. Ethan however seemes to think Brooke turned 3 at grammy's and her party this weekend at home will be making her 4. LOL. So, now since Brooke loves to argue, she has been arguing that she is already 3 and she will be 4 this weekend.

I am just about done christmas shopping for the kids. Surprisingly this year, i got everything from toys r us! I am an online shopper. Always have been. Brooke just needs one more thing. I got them a few more things then usual this year. But, we did stop buying the kids gifts in between there birthday and christmas (poor brooke, both fall in december). Every now and then we might let the kids get something, but it is rare now. So, i was having so much fun looking at things to get them. Brooke is getting an art easle...i know she will love it! I found an I spy wii game for Ethan. We play I spy all the time here at home, so now we can do it on the wii too!

Well, Brooke is whinning for breakfast. So, i guess i had better get her some. Look for picture later.