Friday, March 26, 2010

Letters of Intent...Dear Dryer


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Letters of Intent is a Friday blog in which i would write letters to get my frustration out to those of whom have frustrated me! This weeks letter...the dryer!

Dear Dryer,
I am leaving for spring break saturday. Yes, i was lazy and decided to wait on laundry until the end of the week. However, i felt like you were reliable to always be there. Yes, we had a rough start with you. When first recieving you, you produced air but no heat. So, we fixed you. In that time i learned that the outdoors was a great way to dry clothes and the tricks to make jeans not so stiff...kinda.  So, since it takes the hubby awhile to complete tasks...about 6 months later after recieving you, we fixed you. You have always been a little weaker since your older. We usually have to run you twice for clothes to dry, but that's ok. We don't mind. However, this week i am not happy with your performance. Like i said, i probably have about 6 loads of laundry to do. And you decided once again to give us air but no heat. I am very disappointed in you. So, due to this, laundry is a slow process and i have to resort to a differant dryer (see pictures below). 

So dryer, once i fix you this time, will you please cooperate or else we just might have to turn your old A$$ in for a newer model!

Your Truly,


Heather said...

Ohhh that sucks! Stupid dryer!

Foursons said...

Oh no! A broken dryer is such an inconvience. I hope you can get it fixed easily and inexpensively. Because I'm sure a new dryer will be so expensive.

Thanks for linking up for the first time and enjoy your Spring Break!

Stacy, with no E said...

At least you can fluff the clothes up after they hang dry, but yeah, that's still a crappy way to start your spring break.

Aunt Crazy said...

OMG...I would be kicking it...LOL

Kmama said...

Oh no!! What a pain. I hope you were able to get your laundry done and that you are enjoying Spring Break!