Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got a blog award!

How exciting! A wonderful blogger i love to read Shhhhh....Mommy's Hiding has awarded me a blog award! She is an awesome blogger. Be sure to check her out. I think you will also enjoy reading her daily blogs.

The rules that go along with this award are that I have to tell you seven things about me and pass this on to seven Beautiful Bloggers!  So here we random facts about me :)

1.  I have never been one who likes artifical sweetners, however i have to use splenda in my coffee or i hate the way it tastes. 
2. I am hoping to have a book published one day! I love to write, as you can tell by my blog.
3. I am a southern girl. Warm weather is perfect for me.
4. Sometimes i think i am a closet dog lover. I don't know that i could ever really admit that i like dogs out load.
5. I cloth diapered Brooke. And if i had another baby....i would do it again! I can't belive i loved it and smelling clean warm diapers from the dryer was always the best smell. Weird...i know.
6. I realized that sometimes i think i only pay for the internet to blog and be on facebook. With all the other stuff out there, i never use it.
7.  Wishes i had the ability to figure out the whole coupon craze...but i just don't get it. Sure i save, but not like some people i know.

Giving this award to only 7 bloggers is hard!  Everyone I read is just so great.
Now the 7 bloggers I give this award to are:

1. hooey!critic  Her daily blogs crack me up! 
2. Pixi  She has great knitting projects she writes about
3. The Libsack Family Such a wonderful family to read about
4. Kalamazoo Mom of 2  Another mom who blogs about her life that always leaves me with a smile
5. The Christiansen Family Great blogs! especially when she talks about couponing. I then kinda feel like i understand!
6. Redefined Juilet  Her blogs are always inspirational and give me things to think about. 
7. Seeking the Skinny Midget Love this blog!


Anonymous said...

Thanks girl!!! Wish I blogged more often. I enjoy reading your blog posts as well. :)


Missy said...

Thank you so much!!!

Libby said...

Thank you so much! :) Sorry I didn't respond sooner, we were on vacation, and I swore I wasn't checking anything...(but facebook! :) ha!

My new posts will be up soon as I get my camera to behave! What's a vacation post with out pictures?!!