Sunday, March 7, 2010


  This has not been a good year for anyone when it comes to being sick. I think it has been someone every week. Yesterday i woke up and just felt off. I was extremly dizzy and my stomach hurt so bad. I really had no energy. I got up and tried to go at it. But, i wasn't succeeding. I had to do everything in little spurts of energy. So,  finally right before my parents got here and Alex was off getting some gas for the grill i decided to check my temp. Yup....there is was. 99.8. My turn. However, wasn't it just my turn? How many times this year is it going to be my turn. Well frankly, it seems to either be Ethan or I! What is going on? One week its him, the next its me. Brooke has flown through this winter maybe being sick once. Though, she does keep getting a cough that won't go away. Alex...i don't think he has. Ethan...too many times. The amount of school he has missed has been crazy. Me....i wish had someone to come and relive me to stay in bed. So, today i am relaxing on the couch with this nausuas stomach, and dizzy head. The fever is broken for now (though i feel like that pesky thing will be back) and reading a book. My body feels so weak and lifeless.

Hoping spring will be here soon!


Anonymous said...

Move up here and I'll get you a day off from the kids! :) ~Kk