Friday, March 5, 2010

Ethan interprets commercials and TV.

Ethan watches the new with me a lot now. Is this a good thing, i don't know. Its always fun seeing his reaction to commercials and programs. Here are a few examples to enlighten you on a 5 years olds mind

First up is the KY commercial to enhance the womans sexual experaince (really why do they air these during the day?)

Ethan: Mommy if you buy that, you might look happy like that lady. Its says it is for girls.
Me: you think so, huh?
Really...what can i say to that. The girl on the commercial is hair tosseled and is standing next to a ship horn as it blows with a look of exctasy on her face.

Watching the news today:
Ethan: You know, these people on there that are bad and are outside peoples home just want to be let in so they can have a family. You know mom, some people don't have homes.
Me: Your right.