Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baseball time!

Last night was the first practice to baseball! Not T-ball, but baseball. Of coarse the kids hit a lot off the tee. But they are practicing hitting without the tee. I guess in a game they get 3 chances to hit the ball from the pitcher who is the coach and after that, they hit off the tee.  There was a lot more out field practice this year other then bending down and catching the ball. They worked with the kids in small groups of 5 each (10 boys on the team). Ethan learned the ways to squat down and follow the ball. The way to stand and twist his body to throw the ball. Of coarse, being a lefty...he kept throwing the ball over the fence! Then the coach figured out, Ethan was doing it on purpose. Crazy kid! So, there will be a lot more to work on with him this year at home. Last year was mostly hitting the ball from the tee, squating to catch the ball, and run the bases the right direction. This year, they are getting a little more into baseball and the ways to play it. It will hopefully be an exciting year. Ethan got his coach from last year, which we were happy about. He was very patient with the kids unlike some of the other coaches we saw.

Hoping for a great baseball season! (come on warm weather! it was freezing out there last night!)


Heather said...

My boys wanted to do baseball this year too. But baseball was $80.00 a piece!! So we decided on swim lessons and karate. Maybe they can do baseball in the fall or next spring.

In response to your tweet LOL TwitterMoms is something I heard about the other day and looked into the website. It's a network of moms who tweet and blog :)