Monday, March 22, 2010

at breakfast

This weekend we decided to go out to breakfast. We took the drive up to a Shoney's near us. Yes...they do still exist. And really more should. Seriously....all you can eat for 4.99. All the bacon you want and not just 3 pieces and then you have to pay for extra. Seriously...who the heck only wants 3 pieces of bacon? I think i ate at least 10 saturday!

So, as we are talking at breakfast and telling the kids how mommy and daddy met at a shoney's. How Ethan used to eat there all the time when daddy had his own shoneys. How much Brooke would have loved to eat at Shoney's weekly with her appetite and so on.

I look at the kids and said "Could they just stop growing up. Can we just stop time?"

Ethan's response, "Sorry mommy, its too late."

I laugh and Alex laughs. We are too late...he is growing like a weed and will be in 1st grade before long. Brooklynn is starting 3 day morning preschool next year.  Yes....the next time i blink, they will be teenagers!


Heather said...

Boy I know how you feel. I can't believe just how fast they grow up!! Why can't they just stay little forever?!