Thursday, March 18, 2010

To the pack of dogs.......

We have a pack of dogs that like to roam around the street/ neighborhood behind us. We are babysitting two dogs this week. One is a female chihuhua who isn't fixed. So, i am guessing she must have this smell to her that is addicitve to male dogs. We have these huge dogs that won't go away. They are peeing on my porch. They are staring in our windows. Its like they are waiting for her. However...checking the dogs out from my eyes, they are fixed so it isn't like they could knock her up if they wanted too. Plus...they are huge!

When Maggie does get out there and the male dogs are there, she is quite fiesty with them. She really isn't appreciative of the attention she is getting in the neighborhood. She barks at them with fiercness and is obviously telling them they have no chance with her. But...seeing as though the dogs are men...they must think if they keep trying they will wear her down. Sorry boys....Maggie isn't interested! So please refrain from peeing all over my porch and driving Odie and PJ nuts and to the point that they too feel they need to pee on my porch. GO HOME PACK OF DOGS!!!!


Heather said...

LMAO!! Oh this post had me rolling!