Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy week

This week has been CRAZY! Our house has suddedenly become the house to see! Today at 4 will be the 2nd time to have people come look at our house. my realtor has been getting lots of calls.

Lets see, we decide we r going to stay and alex is going to stay with his job. He is finally enjoying it.

Suddenly everyone wants our house! Well, not everyone, but we are getting people intrested so that is a plus.

Now Alex hopes it well sell so we can move to the other side of I-85. I still want to move to the Madison or Social Circle area. The homes in social circle are DIRT cheap. I was looking at then today and found a few i liked. One was 115,000 4 beds, 3 bath two story house. Not sure if it is a forclosure, but wow is that cheap!

We will see i guess :)

Today i cleaned my butt off. shampooed carpets and tons of other stuff. Tuesday someone came while i was dead sick. It was cleaned up, but most everything was thrown somewhere hidden. Such as the dirty dishes went into the refrigerator. I was given a 20 minute notice. The people i guess drove by, then called there realator and wanted to see it then. I had not unloaded the clean dishes yet, so i tossed the few bowls and cups in the fridge. LOL

Those people loved the house, but have not heard back yet on an offer. The people coming today also requested just to see this house.

God works in mysterious ways. It was like, we wanted the house to sell so we could move to augusta. We now decided that here is where we are suppose to be. And things are changing so much. I guess we weren't reading what God was telling us.

Alex is finally at the point in his job that he loves it. He is the go to person like when he was at Shoneys. He spends a lot of time helping out the head people and going to different stores. They are ready to move him to a high volume store where he can make huge bonuses. And if we did move, we could move closer to his new store. Right now he would have to take Athens where he might not make as much money then some other stores that are in his bosses area. So, it is exciting. I am having a great day!

And on (gotta check out that website. New deals on there everyday), i finally got my bluetooth headset i wanted for.........$9.99!!! I ordered 2. one for alex too. :)

Oh well, i am going to take my happy self to You Tube now. The new Twilight trailer came out yesterday and i gotta see it :)