Monday, October 27, 2008


I have been supermom today. 4 loads of laundry now. i redid the kids rooms. Moved furniture from brooke's to ethans and vice versa. Brooke had a tall bookshelf in her room all her toys were always put on. Ethan had a toy box and small book shelf. Well, ethan loves puzzle, did a 100 piece one all by himself this weekend :) They are stacked up a wall, so i thought he could use the big bookshelf. Brooke has the toy box now. I also made room for a futon Alex's mom is bringing this weekend. That way guests have somewhere to sleep now. They just have to share a room with Brooke. Both rooms look great and clean. I really need to clean out toys, but decided to do that another day. Everything is organized and hopefully one day soon i can go in with a garbage bag and clean out and then freecycle them.

We really didn't do anything this weekend. I think we are going to go to the bike trail today after i pick ethan up. Get a little exercise in. Saturday night we carved pumpkins. that was fun. neither kid would put there hands in the pumpkin. Or alex. Geez, i feel like the man

oh well, promise to get some pics up soon.