Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We are still here

I promise we are still here. I have been searching for our camera that alex put in the car saturday after the pumpkin patch and have not found it. Hoping soon so i can get some pics up.

the week has been pretty good. Brooke has been amazing this week with the potty. No accident monday, 1 tuesday, and none today! I am the proud mommy of a 22 month old who is using the potty. I love to brag about her age, and i am aloud to :)

Ethan has had a good week so far too. He has been a little irritable this week. But, we have all been suffering this week with a little cold. Hopefully he will feel better soon. He had pictures at school tuesday. Hope they turn out good. He has not had his 4 year pics yet. We REALLY need to get Brooke's pictures done. they have not been done since 9 months.

Hoping to find the camera soon and get some pics up. We had a great weekend with family. it was nice to get everyone together and have a nice meal.

Hope your having a great week!