Friday, October 17, 2008


It has been a pretty good week.  Tonight Karen is coming for the weekend.  Both kids are VERY excited.  Tomorrow we are headed to the pumpkin patch.  Alex's mom and grandma are coming.  My parents are meeting us there.  Plus Tom and Jess with there kids.  And Karen with her boyfriend Aaron!  Big group! LOL.

This week Brooklynn's speech has changed a lot.  She is talking more words.  She loves to watch Super Why and she is saying letters now! YAY!  When you ask her to spell something, she makes little syllabal noises then claps and laughs.  It is cute!  She has been using the potty some still.  Not as good as it was last sunday.  But, she is trying.  One day she wants the big potty, the next day she wants her little potty.  She wears panties all day.  Or when daddy isn't home, she just does with nothing down there.  Nakedness doesn't bug me.

Ethan had a great week too.  He is being such a little helper.  He helps me with dishes, clean up.  He loves to dust. LOL.  He also loves to get onto Brooklynn for not cleaning up.  He is growing like a weed.  Oh, and he is not marrying Georgia Ann anymore.  Not sure what happened.  Georgia Ann saw me yesterday at school and she asked me why Ethan wasn't her friend anymore.  It broke my heart.  She is so cute!  He says he is now marrying Cheyanne.  Who knows.

Oh well, i need to get cleaned up.  i have company coming today.  Brooke's friends dominic and zoe are coming over to play!  Hoping the rains holds  off so we can have a picnic.  But, looking outside right now, not so sure that will happen!

Have a great weekend!