Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute Trail we found

We discovered a cute little walking trail/ bike trail yesterday.  Its back behind the horse arena here in homer.  It was gorgeous, quite and nothing near by.  Ethan was free to ride his bike.  Brooke was free to sit in the stroller or run along.  And i actually got a peaceful walk with no stress!  Normally when we walk the neighborhood i spend time worrying about big dogs trying to fight odie, getting onto ethan for running in the middle of the road and so on.  Never helps when i am walking to get rid of my stress.    Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Peaceful stream/creek

Ethan on the balancing beam

Brooklynn starring into the creek amazed

Ethan and i, me with no make-up! 

As i said, Brooklynn loved the stream :)

If you didn't see them, so cute shots of the kids from over the weekend under this entry!