Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall crafts

Its Fall and that means it is time for some fun crafts with the kids. Yesterday i picked up a bag of mini pumpkins while shopping so the kids could have some fun painting them. They had fun. I think it was Brooklynn's 1st time with paint. She normally uses the aqua doodle with water and a paint brush for her painting time. She covered herself with paint. Even her nose. Ethan of coarse was a neat freak about it and wipped off any paint that got on him. Like i say all the time, my kids are night and day! The neat freak verses the hurricane! I have about given up on trying to be a neat freak since Brooklynn is almost 2. I used to clean up all day after her and now wait until after dinner. I just try my best to close my eyes and not pay attention to the mess.
Before i post some more has been requested for me to post a funny story of while Ethan was at his grammys. 1st thing.......Alex's mom had a leak in her wall from the toilet. Both are connected but in seperate bathrooms. So, a hole was cut in the wall for now while fixing the leaking pipe.
Now the funny story. The kids were taking a bath saturday night in there grammy's bathroom. grammy sent Ethan to the hall bathroom to get the shampoo. He was already naked before going. So, his naked butt ran from the room and down to his bathroom. He came back screaming and crying MONSTER!!! He was so upset he got Brooklynn crying. So grammy had 2 naked kids screaming and crying that there was a monster. She was not sure what Ethan felt was a monster. After looking, the light coming from her bathroom was coming through the hole into the hall bathroom and it looked like a hairy monster! How funny. I think the funniest part is imagining 2 naked kids crying and her having to calm them down. LOL.
Ok, time for pics. Enjoy :)


Sarah said...

The pumpkins are beautiful! The kids had a blast. I'm going to have to do the same. Carving pumpkins will have to wait a few years for us!