Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monster Trucks and the Potty

As promised i have taken a break from my love affair with my books. LOL. I have been cleaning today. bathrooms, dusting, sweeping, and laundry. I need to mop....but i might save that for tomorrow. Anyway, Ethan had a blast at the Monster truck show. Bad News was one of his favorite. His Grammy said they left early b/c he was getting tired. But, he still had a wonderful time. By the look on his face you can tell he was having a great time! The following day the kids dragged there grammy and nana on a picnic. peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. LOL. Ethan was not ready to come home. But, he did stay home yesterday, sick as i had mentioned before. He was still not his full self today, but i told him to try school and if he needed me, to call. I have not been called yet. I think he is fine today.

Brooklynn has been using the potty some! YAY! I am so proud of her! She of coarse has to be naked all day! What is it with my kids. They only potty train naked! But, atleast she is happy. I have not had to wash diapers in a week! Wow! i was used to every other day!
Alex and i had a great kid free weekend together. We pretty much just stayed home, but we really enjoyed the company. Alex fiddled with the new antenna for the most part, and well i read from my books. :) Well, i am off to take Brooke to the potty and then get some crayons out for her. Hope everyone is having a great week!