Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Great week so far!

This has been a good week so far. Alex got the dryer fixed today!! Yay, after 6 months with no dryer i have one again. I will feel so spoiled to be able to do more then one load a day. However, that might mean the pile of clean clothes might stack up. :) But, i am very happy to have it fixed. And since Alex did it himself, it came out really cheap. between the parts we bought we might have spent $50. One part we though we needed but we didn't. We replaced it anyway for now. I redid the hermit crab cage. It had been a year! When i lifted the lid it was starting to stink, so i figured it was time. They are healthy. It is better not to touch there cage much so it can become a natural habitat for them. Since cleaning it they have been playing like crazy. Look where i found one of them this morning. I am not even sure how it got up there. I guess climbing, but i was really surprised to see it there. Ethan of coarse thought it was so cool. Here is one more picture of the crabs b/c i know you love seeing them so much. this was our first crab Carl. He recently molted and moved into this new shell. He has grown a good bit in a year. Ethan still won't hold them. But, i don't blame him. they are a little scary.
I have started on a new page in my life. Coupons! I have a few friends who do it and save so much money. So, i have been chatting with people all day about and asking lots of questions. Hoping to have it down soon and start saving some money. We just don't live in the best place. All we have are Ingles and walmart. Wish we had a publix or kroger. you get better deals there. I really need to figure out the CVS thing. I have read a ton of stuff about only having to pay the tax there and walking away with all your stuff pretty much free!!!
Ethan had his 4 year old check-up yesterday. Poor boy had his finger pricked for blood and 4 shots!! He was not happy. He loved getting picked up from school early but not going to the doctors. And he weighs..................drum roll please....................... 33 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha, he is the tinest little thing! Brooke was 25 at 18 months. She will be past him in weight before long! But, everything looked great. He can hear fine.....even though he does not like to use his ear. :) And he can see fine too. So, over all he checked out great!
Happy Birthday to Ethan and Brooklynn's grammy. it was yesterday but that is ok! We love you. And friday is Nana's birthday!


Libby said...

OMG! Wes weighs 36 pounds!!! haha

EW hermit CRABS! Yucky! When I was teaching a Mom "donated" them to my class. She bought them, but didn't want them, so I was stuck with them....so flippin' gross and freaky!

DK n Luke said...

Nyah really likes the crabs, and...since our house it tiny...they are perfect. Cute pics, gave Nyah some ideas for her 'habitat'. They do stink, though....