Thursday, September 4, 2008

All Pets, beware of us!

We are not having good luck at all. When we got home tuesday from New York our water was cloudy and it sizzled. We figured it was b/c the water had been sitting in the pipes. It is now thursday night and it has not cleared up. Not thinking today, i cleaned the beta fish, Fred's, bowl. Within a few hours he was dead!!!! Poor Fred :( So, we started to freak out b/c we have had coffee with it, bathing in it, and the cats and dog have been drinking it. I just ran to dollar genreal and got drinking water. Will have to call the water department tomorrow. Someone might need to call pet defacs on us. LOL. We lost a kitty and now the fish. All pets, beware!!!


Libby said...

This is so terrible to say....but we hate our you think you want to um....hmm..."babysit" him? hahaha :)

WolfeFamily said...

ha ha ha! :)

Sarah said...

We have 2 extra tropical fish I could mail you, if you promise not to put Alka-Seltzer water in the tank!

Glad to see that you guys are alive and kicking!

and thanks for the comment! I thought only 2 other people checked out my website since I have few comments.