Friday, September 12, 2008

What a week!

This week was a good but tiring week. I was defiently happy to have Alex walk through the door thursday night and know he was home for a few days. (don't you love her fluffy butt!) After a few days of having the kids to myself, i get warn out! Ethan had a great week, minus the doctors. He went to walmart with his daddy today and came home with a new Optimus Prime (transformers) toy! And tomorrow he and daddy are heading to the home depot for daddy and son bonding. I guess me and Brooklynn will stay here and do girly things. LOL He loves to wear his bicycle helmet. He wears it everywhere. I think we have shopped before and he wore it the whole time. Goofball!
We had to fill up today at the gas pump. Ugh! The jump is scary. And from what i have heard there are already a ton of gas stations are out of gas. This can't be good. I guess we just need to pray and trust we will all get through this.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Alex is home again tomorrow. After home depot the GA game will be on, so his butt will become firmly planted to the couch with his eyes glued to the TV. I see the irrataion of Ethan coming though, with the millions of questions he asks a day. "Daddy, why did all those men jump on him?" "Daddy, why are there white lines on the field?" This football season will defiently be more intresting with Ethan around!


Libby said...

Wes is getting a bike for his birthday, and he's more excited about them helmet than anything!