Thursday, September 25, 2008

A miracle occured in the Wolfe House!

Last night, sense we are to cheap to pay for TV, we were outside putting up our new antena. Kids were put to bed and i was getting ready to go inside and read from a new book.

We hear a cat, and i look at Alex and my heart sank. I looked at him and excuse my language, i said " i am going to s*$t my pants if................." and then Tigger walked out of the woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our cat who will be 9 in november who never left the house and who has been gone a month is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our huge fat cat is now skin and bones, but she is home and we are so inlove!! Tigger was the lap cat, the one who slept with us all night. And wehave missed that so much. And now, she is here! Lacey our other house cat is not to happy. She was enjoying being head Queen cat. She is acting VERY pissy now. But, that is how she was when Tigger was here.

And the crazy part is, i have been dreaming that she was alive. We said that Alex's grandpa would let us know if she was in heaven and safe. He was obviously letting me know she wasn't. Thank you so much Grandpa!

We kept saying, summer was not the Wolfe/Reeve season and fall was going to be great. And so far, it is!!!!!!!


Abby said...

Yay!!!! That is such a happy ending!

DK n Luke said...

That is a cool story! too bad the whole house isn't happy about the return. But, we are! Lots of love and hairballs!