Thursday, September 11, 2008

First time using coupons

Yesterday i loaded the kids up with all my coupons i wanted to use and headed to CVS (after a playdate of coarse). I told myself i was only getting what i had coupons for. I wanted to see how it turned out. Not everything we needed. But from what i have read and been need to stockpile. That way you buy when you want and not when you need to buy. So we walked around CVS. I learned the store. Where they keep things and so on. The commerce CVS is defiently one of the smallest i have been to. Got everything above. Checked out and total was $40 before coupons. After coupons $18.56!!!!!! I saved 23.00! Woo hooo!!! The only thing i messed up on was when buying the razors. CVS had buy 1 get 1 free. I then had a coupn for 2.00 off. I grabbed the wrong one. After using the coupon and paying, i told the cashier...oops i forgot to grab my free one. She said, this one is not buy1 get1. Ugh! i felt like kicking my self! Oh well!

So, now for awhile i am going to treat looking at weekly ads and couponing like a full time job. I will add little updates, such as So far i have saved $x and spent $x! I am going to get alex to make me a spreadsheet in excel. i have a CVS one i downloaded, but need him to make me one for just shopping and so on.

Just wanted to share!


Sarah said...

You'll need a new pair of scissors after clipping all those coupons! Way to save!!!! :)

Emily Tousley said...

I think I have an addiction now to saving money. And getting free samples of things. I highly recommend this website: You can get a lot of coupons for Target and a whole list of printable coupons, I always check it before I get something I need. Also, I completely agree with the stockpiling. I am crazy!!!