Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our new addition!

Meet the new Fred. He is white and red. Ethan picked out a new beta today. And decided to name him nothing other then Fred. Not Fred 2 or Fred Jr., just Fred. So, that makes it a little easier to remember. LOL. Wish us luck. We had the original Fred for 6-7 months. Not sure of his history before. Ethan's KK brought it to him from someone that no longer wanted him. So, hoping this Fred has a long life.

Enough about the fish, right?! This weekend we have just been lazy. We took Odie for a walk this evening. He did good to begin with, but then got really tired. Poor boy. He took awhile to get relaxed when we got him. He was exhausted! Don't think we will walk him everyday. Maybe a few times a week. Ethan loved walking him. He would run ahead of Odie and wait for him to catch up. I was hoping for a nice rainey weekend. But that didn't happen. I guess i was looking for that excuse to lay around and be lazy. Luckily tomorrow is lazy sunday. Movies all day, PJ's all day, and no house work. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.