Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad start to the week!

Ugh! yesterday i fell when going down the porch stairs and twisted my ankle. it is all swollen and bruised. i have it wrapped up and i am debating about the doctors. Not sure what they can do that i can't do here besides pain medicine!!!!! which would be nice. extra strength tylenol every 6 hours is not doing much! I had planned on getting all my cleaning knocked out today so i could enjoy the rest of the nice cool week ahead outside with the kids. Guess that isn't going to happen! Luckily all clothes are just about folded, since there isn't much else i can do sitting down.

I need to get in contact with me realtor today. She called friday. I am worried she is starting to lose faith in our house. How sad the house has been on the market since May and no one has looked at it! I promise my house is not a dump. Everyone i know loves it. but, the Homer area is really an area someone has to want to live. It is not like gwinnett county or where ever. There are houses in the nieghborhood that have been for sale since i was pregnant and walking with Brooklynn!!! Just goes to show, this is a bad area. However, it really does suck no one has looked at it!!! If somenone would come in i know they would fall in love the way we did.

Oh well, hope this week starts to look up! Of coarse with my luck, someone will want to see it this week when there is no way i can vacuum! ha ha!


RodriguezBunch said...

I hope somthing happens with your house for you guys !