Monday, January 11, 2010

Kindergarten lesson from Ethan

Segragation and MLK
Ethan: Who is that man who made the black kids go to one school and the white kids another?
Me: Martin Luther King...but he had it so the black and white kids went to school together.
Ethan: NO! The black kids had there own water fountain. He made the black kids go to there own school.
Me: MLK stood in front of a lot of people honey, and told them a speech. After his speech kids of all colors started to go to school together.
Ethan: my (teacher) said that is not what happend! She said that he made the black kids go to their own school and the white kids go to their own school.
Me---I decide to let it go and figure he will get it figured before long :o)

House and dieing
Ethan: What happens to peoples houses when they die?
Me: The family who is left takes care of it. One day Mommy and Daddy will die and you and Brooklynn will decide if you want to keep our house or sell it for money.
Ethan: aren't going to die mommy, and that's the truth! (oh how i wish it was). One day though mommy, me and brooke are going to get really big and get our own house in a hotel and even our own cars!
Me: You will.