Tuesday, March 16, 2010

little moment with the potty

So, being a mom and woman i guess that makes me a natural multi tasker. So, once you become a mom and your kid is mobile, never expect to go to the bathroom in any shape or form again alone. Unless you get lucky and the hubs is home and actually feels like entertaining them. Otherwise, the kids are still banging on the door.

So this morning, i couldn't help but laugh. I was using the restroom and was on a tight schedule. So, i did what i sometimes do and kill two birds with one stone. While going potty i put on my make-up. And not only did i put on make-up but brooke sung to me and then asked if i would put make-up on her. Then i began, thinking of what i was doing at the moment...and everything that was going on around me. I couldn't help but laugh and think that if it was anyone else, this wouldn't be happening! How something such as going to the bathroom for me, really doesn't need to be private anymore.

Ok...maybe when they are teenagers i will get lucky! Then again....by that time the hubs might be crazy and in there with me too.


Heather said...

LMAO!! Oh the joys of being a mom!