Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Santa Claus

So apparently Santa Claus is not suffering from this recession and has the ability to make absolutly whatever!

For fun yesterday (and so i can start thinking about christmas shopping to get it done!), i asked the kiddos what they were hoping Santa would bring them this year.

Ethan: "I want a XBox like Justin (KK's boyfriend) has!"

Brooke: "I want Tinkerbell wings so i can fly over the house!"

I am currently taking donations. Please Make checks payable to Rebecca Wolfe :o)


Anonymous said...

When Santa starts making wings I want back in! lol! We can prolly get him an old xbox and just say it's a different color? I don't think the games are young enough for him...will look into it! :) ~Kk

WolfeFamily said...

the boy is 5, has a vsmile, gamecube and a wii.

i think he would like a nintendo DS, but santa still doesn't want to spend that much.

PixiKnits said...

This lady sells very pretty fairy wings:

They are a bit pricey, but I'm sure they could be used over and over.

These wings don't cost nearly as much and are super cute:

Good luck with Christmas shopping! I too am already thinking about Christmas.