Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Finish!

A year ago i started to write a book. Most people who know me, know it has been my dream to be an author. A majority of people who read what i write, like it. Well, 200 pages into my book last year, i got stuck to where i wanted it to go from there. Then i started babysitting and Brooke got into a stage that made it impossible to write. I had planned on working on it this past summer, but then my laptop died. Now it is alive again. I want to get this book finished. It eats at me constantly that its just sitting there. I feel like my character needs to finish her story and get her happy ending. I know how i want it to end....just where i am right now i dont know how to get there. Of coarse, i have had a year to think about it, and i am beginning to know. So, my goal is not to pick up any books to read right now. I am going to re read what i have already written and have this book done. My goal is to have the 1st draft done by December 1st which i think is a very reasonable goal. After that, i plan on editing it and letting a select few people read it and let me know what they think. If i get good feedback...i will start looking into publishers. Who knows...i could be the next bestselling author...or i could be just some book on a book shelf that might have a nice cover so people buy it.

So, this blog may suffer some. I like to get on here a few times a week and write. Even if they are silly little entries.

Today starts my journey back to my goal in life. The dream i have had since my seventh grade english class when Ms. Crenshaw said she saw something in me. When i realized i could not write a short story...instead every week i turned in a new chapter to the story i was writing at that time.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Well I wish you well with your book. . .I think I remember you talking about it but never realized you had written that much. . .honestly your blog could become a book! Trials and Tribulations in Parenting. It has been fun to read especially when this is the only contact I had sometimes. If ya need anything don't hesitate to ask. Can't wait to see you guys next month! :) Much love ~kk