Monday, September 28, 2009


First let me say, I am LOVING this weather! Warm sun with a cool breeze...aaaaah! I was so happy Alex got the gazebo type thing all put together and up on the porch.

Memory....that seems to be the game of choice in the house right now. Ethan brings home a HUGE bag of homework every friday. There are books to read in it about the topic of the bag, games and so on. Two weeks ago there was a memory game in it. The kids really enjoyed it. So I bought our own memory game. They love it and are really good at it. Brooke cracks you up she will turn over a card, give you a little smirk and then point her index finger at you and say "Where's the last butteryfly, I think it maybe right here." It cracks me up each time. Both kids have great memories. Its pretty sad, but Ethan can find more then me. I think my mind starts to play tricks on me, lol.

Its fun and it great finding something to do to pass the time with a smile on everyones face.