Friday, March 25, 2011

Its been 2 weeks!

Its been two weeks today since Cocoa came home. It has been an action packed two weeks! She keeps us on out toes and busy. She is a very well mannered dog though. She learns fast. She is house broken for the most part. We have about one accident a day and its usually later in the day when I am busy with dinner or getting the kids in bed. She whines usually when she needs to go out. She listens pretty well to her commands. We were having an issue with lots of biting, but invested in a few squirt bottles and that has seemed to have calmed her down with that. This past Monday she went to the vet for her 9 wk shots. She was 12.8 pounds. She is due back to the vet in April for her 12 wk shots.

The kids are really enjoying her. They play a lot together outside and she gets us all outdoors and active more. We just started walking and she is finally getting the hang of it. Its nice she doesn't have to stop and pee on each mailbox like male dogs, lol. I can actually get a work out in.

The cats are starting to accept her. Valerie did from the beginning. Valerie loved going outside with Odie in the mornings and they would walk around and do whatever they did. While Cocoa can't just go out like Odie did, Valerie still follows us on our walks. Mama Kitty has smacked this dog across the nose so many times that I am surprised Cocoa still wants to be her friend. Cocoa still tries though, I suppose she thinks she can win Mama Kitty over.

So, we have made it through two weeks with the puppy and lets hope we make it through a third. Things are getting easier in most ways. She doesn't cry in the crate at night anymore. However she loves to grab and run now and have me chase her from here to there as she carries a bottle of nail polish. So, we will check back in at 3 weeks and hope we are still surviving!