Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The boy who cried wolf

The boy who cried wolf is aka Ethan! Except for he has cried throw up! My child is 4 1/2 and has learned to lie and say he is sick. Now saturday he was really sick. He had a a fever and slept most of the day. For the most part sunday, if he didn't feel good we belived him. Then we started noticing when there was something he didn't want to do he said he had to throw up. By sunday evening before bath which he didn't want to do he had to throw up. He would stand there above the toilet and try to force it out. I talked to him and let him know if he does'nt have to throw up then don't. Monday came and he ended up going to school. We just went in a little late. When i asked his teachers how he felt they said he was fine and played all day. He then told me at that time he needed to throw up. I kinda ignored the comment and we left to come home. All day yesterday when i would get onto him he immediatly said he had to throw up! When we left t-ball he didn't want to leave so he claimed he had to throw up! I tried talking to him before bed and lieing and trust. That mommy and daddy aren't going to belive him next time he is sick. So he got out of bed several time claiming to need to throw up. Alex watched him and then talked to him again that he is not to make himself throw up. Its something your body does when it needs to. Needless to say, he got me out of bed about 4 times before midnight. I guess he was restless from a late t-ball practice. Two times he claimed throw up. So we talked again this morning. He said he wouldn't do it anymore. I tried to explain it in 4 year old terms. Easiest i could come up with was we didn't belive what he told us so when/if Brooke hits him and he tells us, we might not put her in time out since he has been telling us stories. He said he would stop........but who knows!

I just can't belive a 4, he is already telling stories of being sick!LOL. I didn't expect it until late elemntary. Kids are to grown up now.

Monday, March 23, 2009


We had a nice weekend. The kids were wonderful!

Ethan was a little sick on Saturday. His stomach hurt. He didn't eat all day. We did t-ball on Saturday. He hit a lot better. Having the tee here at home has really helped. Next we need to set up the bases so he can practice that here too. It was so cute watching them all run around and get mixed up on where to go. Yesterday we went to a friend of mines house for a nice outside play date. The kids played so well together. Brooke even ventured away from my leg for a little while and went to play. Ethan was still out of it though. He ate a little more Sunday. Now currently he is laying on the couch however, and has dark circles under his eyes. He said he didn't want to go to school which is a first for him. He usually wants to go no matter what.

Saturday i even got away for a little bit. Shocking.....i know! It was nice, my friend Renee and I went to eat at a mexican place which is really cheap. We then went to the used book store in Banks Crossing and talked books which was so nice. We did a little window shopping and then i knew i had better get home. So, maybe i will get out again in about 6 months, lol. No, my goal for 2009 is to get out more and have more me time. I defiantly felt refreshed though, even being away for just 2 hours. Out doing what i wanted. Not just grocery shopping by myself. it is still a task for home. I was out doing me stuff. I need to do that more.

So, hopefully this is a good week. During spring break i am going to talk to the parents of the kids i watch and let them know i can only do 2 days a week instead of 3. I think that it is why mine are acting out and i think 2 is all i can handle right now.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rotten children/Twiiter

So, i joined Twitter to check it out. If you wanna add me, user name is WolfeMama2 Let me know your name. I guess basically you just post random thoughts through text message or online. I am willing to try it out. I guess you are suppose to follow friends/family. Lets you know what they are doing. I am following Kelly Ripa. I love her and i knew her comments during her day will have to be hilarious.

Anyway, i have been meaning to blog about my wonderful kids, but can i be truthful.....they have been awful this week. LOL. Seriously.......what has gotten into them. Brooke has been having the WORST temper tantrums. I mean, screaming, hitting walls, kicking walls and so on. Over anything and everything. She is in time out right now at least 5 times a day. I am so glad i dyed my hair, or you would see all the grey hairs i grew this week. Ethan...he has a mouth on him lately. We have been discussing respect with him all week. He has been mouthing off. He has spent a lot of time in time out also and has lost video games for the week. Why can't i have one good this week??? I don't think we have seen anything cute this week to counter act all the stress! I am sure it has been there, i just have not seen it.

Also, sleep has been non existent this week. I swear they are worse then newborn babies! Brooke is getting me up way to early. I have even tried skipping naps and putting her to bed later. Nope, 5 AM she is up. it doesn't help having to babysit then with 4 kids, no sleep. Then my hubby complains when i got to bed early b/c i don't spend time with him. So, my hours are whacked out right now. After our tax money comes, i think i need a vacation with Alex away from this house with just him. Have a few nights of sleep, being able to sleep in.

Ok, Better get back to Brooke. She is watching Popeye. She is on a Popeye kick right now. That is cute, i guess. :o)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just in case you wanted to know

Crunchy peanut butter is NOT easy to spread on warm toast! I love peanut butter and was so excited to have crunchy and to spread it on my nice warm toast for lunch. And WAM......it broke a whole in my toast spreading. I suppose i will stick with just creamy for my toast & peanut butter needs.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Man at T-ball

Ethan started T-Ball thursday. Right now practices are once a week. He was inlove with the field. He loved everything about it. I was such a proud mommy of him too. To brag, right now when they played a mini game, Ethan was the only one who ran to get the ball when someone hit it off the tee. He knew to hold the ball up and then threw it straight to the couch. Ethan has great hand eye cordination. He does 100 piece puzzles now by himself. Hey, its my blog i can brag if i want! The coach was also very impressed by his throw. He kept saying, wow this one has an arm on him! Now, Ethan was wonderful at catching and throwing, but just so you don't think he is great at it all, he really really needs work when it comes to batting. Hopefully this weekend while we are in Augusta we can find Ethan a t-ball set so he can practice. He is left handed, but either side he was kinda awkward. He had a t-ball set, but the sin dried it out and it cracked. I am sure a little practice with a real bat and not a plastic bat will help him. Either way, Ethan was in his glory out there and loved ever moment. Enjoy the rest of the pics :o) Oh and out plans changed from Alabama to going down to grammys. Aunt KK could not get off, so we are heading to grammys. And she is taking us to a hibati grill. This will be the 1st time the kids have been to one. I know Ethan will love the guy cooking in front of him, hoping Brooke doesn't cry b.c it scares her. Have a great weekend! its all rain for us!

Ethan in the dug out with his team

Doing the happy dance i guess

Cathcing the ball from the coach

Waiting for a ball in the outfield

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Right Toe Wolfe

Tuesday was Alex's day off. It didn't go as he planned. As i mentioned in the previous post, the kids are off the wall right now! Fighting, whinning and so on. So, at about 7:00 am Brooke got mad at Ethan b/c he was playing with a toy she wanted. I was getting Ethan's lunch ready. The kids were fighting, crying and yelling at one another. Alex hopped out of bed to see what was going on in Ethan's room. Brooke had hit Ethan so he was bringing her to time out and came around the corner and hit his right pinky toe. He thought maybe he just stubbed it, but was never able to walk on it. While we know there isn't much you can do for a broken toe, we headed to the ER anyway. His toe was pointing in the wrong direction. So, we wanted it to heal properly and make sure it didn't need to be popped back into place. Luckily somehow we got on the fast track at the ER. The place was packed but we got through in about 2 hours! That has got to be a record or something, lol.

So, Alex is home a few days. He is like having another kid, lol. Poor guy can't put any pressure on his right foot. He is out of work until saturday. It is nice having him here to have someone to talk to. Since that's about all he can do right now, lol. Hopefully he will start to feel better today.

I will do my best to post pics tomorrow, Ethan starts t-ball tonight! I will have 4 kids ALL day tomorrow so i will do my very best to find time to do it. My body finally feels better since i slept. I don't think i have sat the last few days between taking care of alex and kids. I will get to sit saturday on our way to alabama!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can i get some scream with my coffee

Is there something in the water? Or maybe in the air? My kids have been so darn whiney! They have been crying and screaming about everything. And fighting with one another. Even if you take them outside, they are finding something to argue about. And its making for a very stressed mommy to be putting kids in time out over and over and over. And breaking up fight after fight. Its gorgeous weather, be happy kids!! A friend of mine said hers are the same. She sounds about like i do when we get on the phone. I don't think we can say a full sentence before hearing a kid scream, cry or something. I did get a small break saturday night. The kids stayed at my parents so alex could take me out. I didn't get 24 hours away and they came home cranky! LOL. So, with all this whinning, i have really set the rule in motion to use your words! Otherwise your in timeout! Then of coarse Ethan being older has been back talking. I guess he is using his words, right. ;o)

Ethan starts t-ball on thursday. I am so excited. He is too of coarse. Brooke has been talking up a storm! She is either crying or talking my head off. Hoping i can find a mute button soon. She speaks full sentences too. Its crazy. She always includes the name of the person she is talking to also. She will need an unlimited plan on her cell phone when she is a teen.

This weekend we are heading to Alabama! I have never been there. The kids, my mother in law, and i are going to auburn or montgomery to meet up with Alex's sister who is in the navy. Ethan worships the ground his aunt KK walks on and he hasn't seen her since January. Even though she has been in the Navy i think 2 years this september, he has never gone more then a month or 2 without seeing her. So he is triple excited.....t-ball, grammy, and KK!!

Happy tuesday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow Pictures

I am a little late posting these, but here they are. We got snow March 1st, so i was so lucky to have snow on my b-day (march 2). this week has been a week. Anyway, enjoy these snow pictures since it is now in the 70's her in GA! You have got to love GA! 6 inches of snow one day and then 70 degree weather!